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Our Garden
Located in the northern town of Pai-Thailand, Sabai Garden is a beautiful example of what ecological design can be. Surrounded by rice fields, banana trees, bamboo thickets and mountains, we offer affordable accommodation to all kind of travellers.

Sabai Garden, a place to Teach, Learn & Love.
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Our dwellings were constructed by hand using on-site and local materials such as bamboo, indigenous Thai clay and woven palm.

They follow our believe in sustainable and ecological building, yet being comfortable and durable.
Clay Houses
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Bamboo Bungalow
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Linda Mejia
The best you'll find in Pai. Though as a warning, if you stay here you'll almost certainly never leave.
Tanaka Hikiri
The place you cannot leave. Inner peace and calmness instantly. The smell of rice fields. Clouds and sunsets. Animals and music. The place you will always think about
Rebecca Streng
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Elizabeth Patrick
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